Biru Baru is an Ethnic Art Pop music duo formed in 2018, consisting of Goldan Tambayong and Talitha Belinda Esmeralda as the composer and producer from Jakarta, Indonesia. Inspired by musicians such as Mura Masa, Petra Sihombing and Kunto Aji, Biru Baru aims to bring a new colour to the Indonesian music scene by harmonising electronic and traditional Indonesian sounds. 
 After releasing a few singles from their forming (such as fan-favorites Coming Back for You and And / End) , on November 2020, Biru Baru released their debut album–Selamat Datang. The album itself as a whole was created as a “welcoming” for Biru Baru and the listeners to a “new stage of life”. Each track has its own meaning and energy, but have one singular meaning. Getting past our problems, grief and regrets, reminding ourselves of our well-being, and to continue the pursuit of our dreams. With their debut album, Biru Baru gained praise from listeners all over Indonesia thus making Biru Baru as one of the most anticipated newcomers of 2020. The first single off of the album, Sejenak, was also featured in Visinema’s spin-off of Filosofi Kopi–Ben & Jody which was released in 2022. 
 Signing with JUNI Records in 2021, Biru Baru have since released 3 singles under the infamous label– Terbenam, Benderang!, Nostalgia, Nostalgia, and their latest—Terang on June 2022. The duo is now currently working on their 2nd album which will release by the end of the year.

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